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Packing For El Potrero Chico

Thinking about planning a trip to El Potrero Chico?  What do you need to bring to this winter sport climbing paradise to have fun and stay safe?  Below is a list of the essentials you want to bring to maximize your enjoyment of the Mexican Limestone Paradise.  If you are hiring a guide you can leave out the rope and quickdraws unless you plan to climb on your own some days.


Climbing Gear

  • Climbing shoes:  Comfortable multi-pitch shoes and a tighter shoe for the harder single pitch routes. I like a comfortable La Sportiva Muira that does well in pockets but isn't too aggressive

  • Climbing harness

  • Climbing helmet -  Rock fall is not uncommon especially on the multi-pitch routes that become a little alpine with loose blocks towards the summits.

  • Chalk bag

  • Rope- many routes require a 70 meter to get down.  I would highly recommend a bi pattern rope to help with all the single rope rappels you will be doing.  Always tie knots and consider if the few minutes saved simul-rappelling is really worth the added risk.  Almost all routes can be descended with one rope Sendero Liminoso being one exception.

  • Belay device (ATC Guide style, and GriGri style for single pitch)

  • Locking Carabiners

  • 20 Quickdraws.  I like to have about 10 shoulder length draws with two carabiners to reduce rope drag while linking pitches.

  • 4 Locking Carabiners

  • Two double length slings for anchors 120 cm

  • A PAS if you like for rappelling I prefer to just use my slings

  • You might consider a few trad pieces popular routes like Agujas del Rey are a lot less runout if you have a few trad pieces.

  • Small climbing pack that fits food and water for the day for multi-pitch with a hydration pack

  • A larger crag backpack for cragging days 

  • Approach Shoes

Paper Work


Camping Gear  -This can be avoided by booking a house or room rental through us here:

  • Sleeping bag rated to 30° F

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Duffel bag



The weather can vary a lot week to week.  You might be down there for a perfect 70 degrees and sunny week or you might get one of the few weeks of cold rainy weather so be prepared for both.

  • Rain jacket,

  • Synthetic insulated jacket with hood

  • Winter hat

  • Long underwear bottoms

  • Soft shell climbing pants

  • Warm weather climbing clothing

  • Warm Gloves



  • Headlamp and extra batteries.  A good new high power one for working your way down in the dark as many people seem to end up doing in Potrero

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Toiletry kit

  • Towel (showering)

  • Toilet Paper most camping places do not provide

  • Cell phone and charger.  Some campgrounds have wifi and you can pick up cellular data on certain carriers

  • Your favorite climbing snacks as you will not be able to find these products in El Potrero Chico

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