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The summit of Independencia with Arista Zorros in the background

Huasteca Canyon


Huasteca Canyon is just one hour from El Potrero Chico is full of many long climbing routes that reach amazing summits.  Including a great 5.8 route up Los Pirineos Del Sur. Which finishes by walking along a knife edge ridge to the spectacular summit.  Arista del Zorros or Fox Arete is also a great 5.6 route with an amazing summit.


These climbs offer more moderate climbing then is found in El Potrero Chico with amazing summits.  These can be climbed in a day and return to El Potrero Chico or treat yourself to a luxrious hotel in San Pedro just outside of the park.


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Climbing on the Arista Zorros (Fox Arete) 5.6 in Huasteca

The grand north face of Independencia

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