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Aculco Crack ClimbingTitle. Double click me.

If your looking for you crack fix this winter Aculco is your place.  Called the Indian Creek of Mexico there are some amazing cracks here stacked next to each other.  The combination of the amzazing crack climbing and the beautiful Colonial Town make this a great option for your next winter climbing vacation.  Did I mention every other store in town is a cheese store!  The best cheese and cracks in Mexico how could you go wrong.


There is a beautiful waterfall flowing down these basalt cliffs.  The approach is a short five minute walk down one of the gullies to the river. There are some hand holds and face climbing moves on the climbs in comparison to a place like Indian Creek but the theme here is jamming your way up the cracks.  There are also not many bolts to be found while climbing here.  


If you would like to schedule a trip here contact us and we can arrange your custom guided winter climbing vacation in what I think is crack and cheese paradise.  To get there fly to Mexico City and we will take care of the rest from there.

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