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Orizaba Express

Seven Day Orizaba Express Trip

This trip is designed for those with limited time, but still gives you the minimum time required to safely acclimate for this peak that is 4,000 feet taller then any peak in the lower 48 states.


This trip starts meeting your guide in Mexico City in the historic Reforma part of town not far from the famous Zocalo.  From here we head to the base of Malinche and stay in a cabin with hot showers at the bottom of the mountain.  We climb Malinche 14,600 feet a great non technical climb up the extinct volcano overlooking the Puebla Valley. 


We then move on to Orizaba and take a bumpy ride up to our camp at Piedra Grande Hut at 14,000 feet.  After an acclimating properly we start our pre-dawm climb of the mountain.  Reaching the Jamapa Glacier in the early morning light we climb up the moderately steep frozen snow with ice axes and crampons.  Reaching the crater rim it is a casual stroll at 18,500 feet over to the summit of the third tallest peak in North America.




Optional Add-On Days Rock Climbing in    Los Dinamos


Enjoy a fun day of rock climbing some basalt cracks while you acclimate for your climb on Pico de Orizaba


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