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Cumbia Cave is the amazing stalactite cave discovered by El Potrero Chico Guide Mark Grundon and friends Rodrigo Garza Maldonado, and Eva Moya Prado

If interested in a expedition to this amazing new climbing area let us know.  We can outfit the 4x4 ride down and the camping and food.  The camping is in a beautiful river canyon.



Directions to Cumbia Cave:


Half way up the hill to El Salto take the left turn down the crazy dirt road. This is the very small town of Puerto Genovevo. The sign says Potrero Redondo. Drive down this bumpy road for 30 minutes. Cars or trucks with clearance are recommended though I often see the smallest of compact cars making the drive, but I wouldn't recommend it. Subarus seem to do fine but use your judgement. When you reach where the rivers come together (las adjuntas) park. The first parking area/ kitchen is Don Lalo's. You can camp with him and use his kitchen and give him a tip when you leave.


The approach from Lalo's. is as follows. Hike across the river take the first left after 1 minute up the steep road which leads to the campground picinic area. Wander up and right through this field passing on the right side of a big chossy boulder. Eventually near the upper right part of the field you we see our trail that leads right to the cave and is easy to follow. It goes up to the ridge along the ridge and drops down to the cave. 20 minutes.


There is also the old trail we took. Its much longer but has more shade and spring water and orange trees. Walk 10 minutes up the river. Take a left up the first river bed. Follow this for 15 minutes. There is a spring flowing in the river bed part way up. At the source of the spring head up hill for 10 minutes to the cave. Look for orange trees near the source of the spring!